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Villa Paradeisos a LINEA VERDE - RAI1

Rai 1 con il programma LINEA VERDE è venuta in Villa Paradeisos a girare alcune scene per la puntata su Varese!

Protagonisti sono stati il Giardino Giapponese, la Cerimonia del tè, gli alberi secolari della Villa raccontati dal proprietario Franco Cremante.


Claire & Onur

"We got married 3 weeks ago in the Villa Paradeisos and we are still not able to fully find our words to describe how grateful, lucky and happy we are to have had the chance to host our day in this venue.

The villa, first. We visited many of them in the area, but we had a huge crush on the villa Paradeisos at the very first sight. Inside, all rooms are tastefully decorated and each of them will take you for a trip in a part of the world. If you love refinement, details, history, beautiful atmospheres and authenticity, don’t hesitate!
Outside, the villa is surrounded by different areas (a romantic kiosk, a Japanese garden, a swimming pool, a cute little house and an open-air greenhouse) all of them perfectly designed and thought through. As for the marquee, it is very large, and here again, the parquet together with the curtain drapes on the roof are just perfect.

This variety of areas gave us many options to design our perfect day and this leads us to our second point: the weather conditions. We have visited villas in which, in case of rain (light or heavy), there was no B-plan. With the villa Paradeisos, you can take this concern out of your mind. No matter the weather, there will be a solution. As a matter of example, we initially planned the whole day based on a sunny weather (so our separate preparations inside the villa, and the ceremony and cocktail parts outside), but the weather forecast was showing heavy rain the day before, and it was insanely raining 2 hours before our guests arrive. We had to re-shuffle everything, including more moments inside of the villa. At the end and luckily, the weather was amazing and even if almost nothing was matching our initial plan, our day was perfect and everybody (including us) was mind-blown.

This unexpected experience leads us to our third and final point: the professionalism and flexibility of Maddalena. She guided us during all the preparation of our day, and was present when we hosted it. Her recommendations on last minute changes (due to the unstable weather), her patience and her help in setting deco elements up were priceless. Organizing such a big event takes time, and can be bewildering for a couple. Having someone kind, available, sharp and calm really makes it all easy.

So if you are looking for a beautiful place, in which your day will be anyway perfect no matter the weather, and managed by kind and professional people, go ahead, this is the one!

Oh, and before we forget, there’s also a little house with 4 bedrooms right at the entrance of the villa. The attention to detail and the tasteful decoration are also impressive there. In our case, this little house has been very convenient from an organization and logistical standpoint. If they are available on the date of your wedding, go for them!"


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