Activities and Events for Companies - Italian and International 

Our desire is to be much more than just an elegant and comfortable events venue. We provide our guests with a breathtaking environment, a perfect mix of Culture, Art and Nature, together with a wealth of expertise in our business teams both in Management Consulting, Marketing and Event Management in Italy, Europe, USA and Asia. At Villa Paradeisos, companies find infrastructure and know-how capable of enhancing the potential of staff, facilities and buildings such that their needs as customers and stakeholders are catered for in original, refined ways.

  • Conferences, workshops, seminars and trade events
  • Business lunches and dinners, press conferences and networking events
  • Openings, product launches, themed parties and fairs
  • Board meetings and award ceremonies
  • Coaching, team building
  • Teaching and training events, coaching and team building
  • Leadership, team development and management courses
  • Product training, sales training, induction courses and corporate games training

Team Building

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Activities with Partners from Asian countries  

Our profound know-how of how companies work, organisational models and corporate culture, both Italian and international, and in particular Japanese business models, has enabled us to develop a programme specifically for the Italian branches of companies belonging to Japanese and Asian groups, based on teamwork. The aim is to enhance multiculturalism and to facilitate communications around functional integration.

At Villa Paradeisos it's not only about the culture, beauty and art of Japan and Italy, but about learning what links one country to the other.

  • Agreements for the marketing of Italian products in ASEAN member states, in India, in China and in Japan
  • Strategic alliances to localise Italian industrial/service activities in Asian countries, with proven forms of equity investments, creation of joint ventures, acquisitions of business units, brands, know-how, etc.
  • Asian acquisitions of Italian companies on the part of Asian businesses, or vice versa.
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Our Mission 

In the middle of the Lake District, which includes Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, Varese was once one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. We believe that its new logistical access to the fast rail connection between Milan and Zurich - the Alpentransit - is set to multiply opportunities for the area's further development.
The goal of our project is that the economic fallout in the area is visible and substantial. We are constantly looking for the best international examples, the most innovative and avant-garde, in order to identify, share and apply virtuous models around offers, technology and quality that can make the difference. Our aim is to deliver maximum benefit to our guests. In this way Villa Paradeisos is becoming a HUB and activator of such innovation.

Thus, the objective of the project is to offer hospitality and services not only to Italian companies, but also to enterprises based in Italy that are part of Japanese groups.
Thanks to our two souls and the specific skills acquired in our professional and private lives, we are able to respond effectively to all the greatest needs for training and quality and at the same time dialogue, integration and understanding between the two cultures that are so different, but perfectly compatible.

For this reason we maintain that there are two diverse types of companies that the Villa is best-suited to assist:

  • those who generally, whether Italian or International, need to organise workshops, shows, events or training activities;
  • the Italian branches of companies belonging to Japanese Groups who wish to improve multicultural working and functional integration.

Agreements are made with companies, in particular large Italian and multinational companies with head offices in Varese and in the surrounding area (Milan and Lombardy), with the aim of offering a venue for various types of events and meetings. Developing and integrating concepts of nature, art and culture, the Villa is becoming the ideal choice for delivering training, team building and coaching programmes.


Our Partners

Villa Paradeisos can help you organise and plan your company event and source the suppliers you need. We have selected, and work with, the best companies in the sector.


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