"This landscape of lakes and mountains is the most beautiful I've seen in Italy..."
(Stendhal, passing through the Varese area, 1811).

Glance over the wall that runs along the edge of the property at 34 Via Campigli, in the heart of Varese, and you couldn't have imagined such beauty existed, all completely shielded from the noise of the city and facing south with a beautiful view of the lake.
Once inside the park, you are greeted by a true spectacle of nature: maritime pines, not at all intimidated by the latitudes of the area, standing majestically on the small hill; luxuriant palms as perfect as any found in a Saharan oasis; and then there are the rhododendrons, azaleas, maples, cedars and imposing conifers to complete the scene. Inside the park, there is one particularly compact and discreet corner that seems quite separate from the magnificence of its surroundings. It is the Japanese Garden, conceived, designed and built using authentic materials by a university professor who was especially commissioned from the Land of the Rising Sun. It took him six months of study and a further two months to build it, with the help of numerous craftsmen from Japan. A true delight, it has also attracted the attention of four of Japan's biggest television networks.

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This unique property has undergone full restoration in recent years, having been enriched with features gleaned from aristocratic homes in France, England and Japan, as well as additional unique works by a number of contemporary artists. There are the French tapestries, the English library and the presidential dining hall all dating back to the 18th century; and then there's a winter garden and a unique swimming pool with its imposing stone surround and statuary. The Villa has a floor area totalling 1,890 sqm while the gardens occupy 24,000 sqm.

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